Healthcare and welfare

Healthcare & Welfare are closely related sectors as both focus on the well-being of people of all ages.

Welfare focuses on motivating and encouraging people. Whether they are children, young people, local residentspeople with a mentalphysical impairment. You will work closely with your colleagues and various services to ensure proper development and a better living and working environment for the person you are helping.

Healthcare focuses more on people's physical well-being. This means you have to take over responsibility for care and then, when the time is right, pass it back. That's one of your challenges: working independently and being part of a team. That way you can learn with and from each other, with a shared goal: making a difference to the person receiving the care. Working is this sector means working irregular working hours.

Everyone is unique and develops in their own individual way. Whether they are youngold, healthywith a mentalphysical impairment. How people develop depends on their mental and physical condition, their stage of life and their social background. That means you need to be able to relate and be receptive to people's differences and their varying needs for care. And that's when being able to judge people's character will prove useful.

You will use your specialist knowledge and training to assist and care for people. And all with the ultimate aim of enabling them as far as possible to develop and feel better in themselves.